S1500 Stainless Steel Clean Room - Kearney Engineering - Commercial Doors and Maintenance

S1500 Stainless Steel Clean Room

  • Up to 50 Pa air purification pressure difference either side of ope
  • 4mm curtain thickness
  • Fully transparent curtain option available
  • Automatic Operation
  • Opening Speed 1.5m/sec – Closing Speed 0.5/sec
  • Suitable for clean room environments
  • Suitable for internal openings
  • Doors available in a variety of finish colours
  • Stainless steel finished guides and canopy
  • Safety edge on bottom profile
  • Fast opening cycle, suitable for intensive use situations
  • Various activation options available
  • Timed closing function
  • Compliant with EN13421-1:2008 & DIN EN 13241